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Our Goal Is To Help Builders Succeed.

TriPacific financing allows homebuilders and residential developers the opporunity to enhance their liquidity, mitigate risks and diversify their project base. TriPacific takes a collaborative approach to working with builders and land developers to assess and structure each investment to meet their specific needs. We are proud to partner with some of the nation’s leading homebuilding and development companies.


Each investment request is handled on an individual basis and the structure of each transaction varies depending on the risk profile of the project and the sponsorship requirements.


TriPacific offers a broad range of investment structures including equity joint ventures, structured lot options and 100% "fee build" financing. These comprehensive programs combined with TriPacific’s knowledge, strength and responsiveness provide homebuilders and developers the best possible chance of success.


Equity Joint Venture

  • Single purpose limited liability company or partnership
  • TriPacific provides up to 95% of the required equity
  • Typical equity investment from $2 million to $15 million
  • TriPacific receives preferred return and participates in profits
  • No minimum release payment required at home closing
  • Target/fixed returns may be considered


Structured Lot Option

  • Available to public or large privately held companies
  • TriPacific acquires the property which may be undeveloped/partially developed or finished lots
  • TriPacific sells the lots back to the builder on a fixed take down schedule using a Fixed Price or Current Pay option basis
  • TriPacific provides site development financing through a max price construction contract


Comprehensive "All-In" Financing

  • Available to builders who desire 100% project financing
  • TriPacific acquires the property which may be undeveloped/partially developed or finished lots
  • TriPacific provides full development and construction financing on specified terms - no builder equity required
  • Fixed builder fee with a performance based incentive arrangement


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